Monday, January 19, 2009

Lost into woods

Melancholies rooted deep within my heart,

Days fading with no enthusiasms in mind,

Tranquillity lost within and without

And endeavours losing its meaning.


Heart yearning for happiness to conquer,

Yet blocked by the walls of misery;

Mind that striving hard to overcome pains

Stressed into it for the reason of nothing.


Dawn and nightfall ends up with thoughts

Painful and fearful, sometimes nightmarish

And could I lose myself in sleep is what

I think for the cost of nothing.


Could it happen, if a miracle to wipe

Away all melancholies within

And bring blissfulness ever staying

In my heart and in my mind.


Me, lost into the woods of black,

Haunted and hunted into depressions

Yet searching out the ultimate Me

In the attempts of self discovery.



                                                         - Indrajit Kamalanathan

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